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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dahi Chivda (Beaten Rice in Curd)


1/2 cup chivda (poha/beaten rice)
3/4 cup dahi
sugar 1 tbsp
pinch of elaichi powder (optional)


  • Wash the chivda and let it drain in the colander for sometime.
  • Whisk the dahi.
  • Once the chivda has soaked the water and is soft add to the dahi.
  • Add sugar and elaichi powder(green cardamom powder).
  • Serve!!!
  • The time that the chivda should be soaked in water would depend upon the quality of the chivda. Some take very little time whereas some take a longer time.
  • You can have this very chilled. Just add chilled dahi.
  • this makes for a quick breakfast.
  • You can replace sugar with honey.
  • You can also add fruits of your choice. Fruits like mango, chikoo go well with dahi.
  • You can also add a spoonfull of cornflakes or chocos for the crunch.

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